People like that make me embarrassed for liking the beatles and they were like the first band i ever heard like get off your high horse and go groom your gross brony beard or some shit smh

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This is how real teenage boys talk actually

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

  • me: *laughs*
  • parents: what's so funny what's going on who are you talking to can i see what's the joke haha i bet that's great what are you trying to hide from us


Link looks SO CONFUSED and slightly offended


yall get weird as fuck on here and i don’t mean it in the way yall find cute i mean i dont want around me weird



*sigh* hi, welcome to goth denny’s. i’m your server, raven, you can like, sit down or something *sigh*

i’m calling the police





some people say there’s a red string that connects fated lovers

psa don’t look at the notes bc there are so many people completely missing the point that these are non-romantic strings of fate and making jokes about where the red string “must be” and it’s making me really angry bc we can’t even have a good artistic representation of aromanticism without people desperately grasping for a romantic interpretation somehow

like the artist has specifically requested that people stop making this about their fandoms and romance bc it’s a personal piece about aromanticism

its great i loVE IT??? we need more aromantic… anything rlly and this is really beautiful!